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exhibition at das weisse haus / Wien

„The cells were surprisingly well-preserved, but we’re analysing how useful it‘s going to be,“ Dr. Sack of Ohio State University stated. (KAGO KAGO KAGO BE)

The tallest cliff in the solar system, a Nazi as humanity’s first official ambassador to Aliens, a Powerpoint presentation with faked evidence, threadworm populations of C. elegans, icicles on the coast of Florida, afghan freedom fighters and a Texas hicktown named Palestine: The cargo bay of the Space Shuttle had room enough for other things than satellites and research instruments as well.

Two shuttles crashed, 1986 and 2003, and their cargo fell as debris to Earth. “Obviously a major malfunction,“ the NASA press officer commented live. What was found of the debris was collected in a hangar and enabled a reconstruction of the disasters. Not that thus everything was ack in order, but you see:

HERE TIME BECOMES SPACE. Not necessarily an actual room, but in lack of a better description one can quite imagine a messy study. Or a laboratory of a mad scientist, pretty B-movie, cheap backdrop stereotypes, etc. Well, you know what we’re talking about. Hundreds of objects, many glistening, others filthy, notes and print-outs, diagrams and vectors, doodles and incoherent sketches, constructions for a presentation. Ein Raum ein Alptraum. The images, they shiver. What’s in between the images? The things are trembling as well. Some of the objects are quite connected to space exploration, to the Space Shuttle, others ridicule any rational consideration; speculation galore. In the background one could hear the words of a child, or rather of an image of a child. KAGO KAGO KAGO BE.


das weisse haus, Wien
Opening: 23.4., 19h
Exhibition: 24.4. – 1.6.2013

other exhibitions opening at the same time at Weisses Haus:
Claudia Larcher: „der nachgebildete Blick“
Thea Timm: “Raum EKG”

Einladungskarte 04:2013_ dasweissehaus

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