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How Steve Bannon wrecked a world well before he went for this one

Here’s an incomplete recollection of what I’ve come to know about the involvement of Steve Bannon in Biosphere 2. While fragmentary and most probably also incorrect in some details, I hope this adds some important layers on the story that I haven’t seen in other articles. It’s a subjective view of related events before the […]

Paper on Space and Ecology, Acta Astronautica

After my presentation at the 66th International Astronautical Congress in 2015, my paper Beyond the Blue Marble: Artistic research on space and ecology has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Acta Astronautica. It discusses my research on Biosphere 2 and 1970s’ Space Settlements in relation to contemporary ecological concepts, the Anthropocene and object-oriented theories. The paper’s publication […]

Mission W, Wienerwald

Participating at this exhibition project at the Wienerwald forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Das Ende der Natur, Shedhalle Zürich

THE END OF NATURE Some Contradictions in Current Debates on Ecology and Crisis with Ralo Mayer and Tomash Schoiswohl Shedhalle Zürich, 14.11. – 1.3.2015

Cosmographies Conference

So I attended the Cosmographies Conference at Falmouth University on July 24th & 25th. My contribution had the title “We Have Never Been Earth” (like modern & like human) and I used some bits and pieces from my work to trace a sort of ecology of space (as in outer).

Space Post Colonialism, Measures of Saving the World, < rotor >, Graz

MEASURES OF SAVING THE WORLD _ PART 5 with Hannah Brackston, Catherine Grau / Zoe Kreye, Polonca Lovšin, Ralo Mayer, RESANITA, Kamen Stoyanov < rotor >, Graz, 15.3. – 24.5.2014

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Houston We ARE The Problem

Ein aktueller Fund aus China äh dem Spiegel, betreffend die Maulapparatur des Panzerfisch Entelognathus primordialis

Das ist ein bisschen so, als würde man in einer Scheune einen Citroen 2CV “Ente” von 1972 mit einem modernen Hybridmotor finden.

The Familiar / Schwindel is the Best Translation

My contribution for aforementioned BC21 award exhibition catalog: text + images + hokuspokus a disastrous search and a travelogue, starting with my recent trip to the Bay area, and spanning China Mieville, Space Colonization, Stanford University, a Masonic Lodge, Peyote and Vertigo. download / print the PDF (in Enrico Bravi’s wonderful layout!)

Piazza Funghi, Kampnagel Hamburg

Piazza Funghi am Live Art Festival 2013 – ZOO 3000: Occupy Species IG ÖK.O. – Oliver Gemballa, Philipp Haupt, Ralo Mayer, Markus Nowak Kampnagel, Hamburg, 13.-15.6.2013

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