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Paper on Space and Ecology, Acta Astronautica

After my presentation at the 66th International Astronautical Congress in 2015, my paper Beyond the Blue Marble: Artistic research on space and ecology has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Acta Astronautica. It discusses my research on Biosphere 2 and 1970s’ Space Settlements in relation to contemporary ecological concepts, the Anthropocene and object-oriented theories. The paper’s publication […]

The Familiar / Schwindel is the Best Translation

My contribution for aforementioned BC21 award exhibition catalog: text + images + hokuspokus a disastrous search and a travelogue, starting with my recent trip to the Bay area, and spanning China Mieville, Space Colonization, Stanford University, a Masonic Lodge, Peyote and Vertigo. download / print the PDF (in Enrico Bravi’s wonderful layout!)

Text für dérive – Zeitschrift für Statdtforschung

Für die derivé-Schwerpunktnummer “Die Verstädterung der Arten”, zusammengestellt von Fahim Amir und Christina Linortner,  habe ich den Text “We Have Never Been Earth - Biosphere 2 als ungeplantes Post-Human Experiment”beigesteuert. Erhältlich über oder in ausgewählten Buchhandlungen. -> Scan als .pdf 

new catalogue publication

In connection with my exhibition at Lentos (and the upcoming show at Kunsthaus Baselland) a catalogue has been published at the Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg (although we have never been modern, for sure).

Den Meteoriten die Würde zurückgeben

My participation for the the exhibition and auction project “Hard to Sell, Good to Have” is concerned with meteorites and called Den Meteoriten die Würde zurückgeben. Meteorites are the oldest material in the solar system. Today they can be bought on eBay for 2 euros.

A text is a list of effects of being exposed to the vacuum of outer space und eine Parataxe ist eine in sich selbst faltende Falle

Readings of The Ninth Biospherian brut im Konzerthaus, 12./14./16.5.2009, 20h see also Fahim Amir’s review (German)

New issue of multiplex fiction!

due to popular demand – the second edition of  Der Raum, der sich unter einer Treppe ergibt, die ihrerseits wohl nirgendwo hinführt; kein Zahlenschloss, das den neunten Dämon meiner Seele in Zaum hält; der nächste Klick zwischen den Intervallen eines polyrhythmischen Verlieses aus Zeit.

Catalogue Secession

On the occasion of the exhibition Das Muster der Schatten des Spaceframe der Biosphere 2, … a catalogue has been published by the Secession.


A magazine of clay tablets, published and presented on the occasion of the exhibition Ein Blick durch Millionen Tropfen, die sich durch Kondensation… at Kunstpavillon Innsbruck (7/2008)

Translator’s note: The Ninth Biospherian by Roni Layerson

  The literatures of the various languages are replete with untranslatable books; today it is a commonplace in comparative literature and linguistics, or whatever these fields and their institutions of the academic spirit of the age currently prefer to call themselves, that every text, however trivial, contains facets that cannot be transferred into another linguistic […]

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