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Taking part in this group show at the re-opened 21er Haus in Vienna.

Utopie Gesamtkunstwerk
20.1.-20.5. 2012
21er Haus, Wien

Title of my installation (2-channel video, looking glass, We have never been Earth):

And turns and turns and I turn pages. (Und kommt nicht auf den Punkt, nicht weil es keinen Punkt gäbe, nein; nein, es gibt so viele.) “Have another shot,” the skeuomorphic whisper roared inside my ears, revealing endless fields of view, captions of geometric arrangements way beyond dimensions 3+1. It was not without rekindled enthusiasm that I thus continued reading p. 402-472: which describe footage of an automatic apparatus scanning an abandoned room full of research about Biosphere 2, and what appears to be notes for a screenplay, including the handwritten memo: Dreh?buch. All the while accompanied by melancholic sounds of robotic routines / “ÜBERSETZUNG UND VERRAT”

Once again based on “The Ninth Biospherian” (the novel, but also the eponymous film project in collab with Oliver Gemballa).
Text animation by Philipp Haupt.





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