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Preparatory Ways, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

Showing the installation  An intro is a footnote. A patchwork quilt of clay is a disrupted pattern dedicated to Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith. Und eine Parataxe ist eine in sich selbst faltende Falle.


- Another spatial translation of “The Ninth Biospherian” combining the video ”An intro is a footnote. Und eine parataxe ist eine in sich selbst faltende Falle.” and a collectively created quilt of clay.
The clay surface was made by around 8 people on the day before the opening; collaborators were asked to form equilateral triangles of wet clay and connect them on the floor. In the tradition of quilt- and patchwork-making we had informal talks about Biosphere 2 and a long list of more or less related topics like utopias, collectives, space colonies and who’s resposible for dish-washing. The material outcome of this process visualizes both each participant’s subjective approach in modeling and the group’s effort to produce a simple geometric pattern based on Biosphere 2′s Bucky Fuller spaceframe structure. Thanks to all collaborators!

Preparatory Ways
Karen Cunningham, Yuen Fong Ling, Sophie Mackfall, Ralo Mayer

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
Preview: 28 March 2009, 7pm
Exhibition open: 31 March–25 April 2009, 11am–5pm 

Preparatory Ways is a group show bringing together the disparate practices of four artists. The distinct lines of enquiry presented by these artists practices map a mass of interwoven research and exploratory approaches to making. Transmission hopes to invite a natural interplay between the works, engaging experimental artistic vocabularies to present an exciting dialogue within the gallery context.

(photos by cr5)


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