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Being All Over the Place
a miniature book with a model Science Fiction story about models and miniatures

Models and miniatures are closely linked to the history of research and learning. And with manipulation and deceit. The  SF – short story ”HOW TO DO THINGS WITH WORLDS, 1 (Being All Over the Place)” translates aspects of this history of models into a model story; both science and fiction are re-interpreted through an artistic research practice.

The book is the starting point for the eponymous research series.
A poster with the illustrations can be downloaded here as pdf.
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Written in a style reminiscent of 1950′s pulp, the story is a mashup of plot elements and characters by Philip K. Dick and of an artistic investigation of model worlds; it goes without notice that reality and virtual worlds get mixed up as well. Science Fiction designs more or less plausible alternative universes of the present and future; in HOW TO DO THINGS WITH WORLDS, 1 some of these classic scripts are turned into contemporary history and a parallel world of a parallel future of the 1950s and 1960s is being designed. Because fictionalizing the past’s future can’t be worse then what today is called “being realist.”

Or, to quote the book’s character Dina Jeldric of Perky Pat Layouts, Inc.:

How long do you think the docu-craze will go on? I mean, come on. We provide imaginative environments and then they want documentaries? How kinky is that?

Multiplex Fiction

Edited by daegseingcny
Concept + Text: Ralo Mayer
Illustrations: Martin Udovicic
Graphic Design: Markus Nowak
MicroAds Layout: Esther Straganz
Correction: Ada Brant
Thanks: Andrei Siclodi, Claudia Tappeiner, Philipp Haupt, Christian Töpfner, a.o.

EAN: 9783902002099

Research supported by:
Manoa Free University
Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

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