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Models, Knowledge, post-Fordism – all that Crackpot Science Fiction... (4/07)
Some memos on How to Do Things with Worlds as overheard in a squat 15 minutes into the future.
Published in Noema (html/pdf)

HOW TO DO THINGS WITH WORLDS, 1 (Being all over the place) (4/06)
A SF short story about models. Published in Multiplex Fiction, 6/06
The miniature book is available here, or there.

One, two or more persons under a blanket (2/06)
Re: What is Performative Research?

Anleitungen zur performativen Konstruktion einer Raumkapsel (12/05)
script for everyday performance
Instructions for performative construction of a space-capsule

Die Spiegelkabinette von Scion Fictience (9/05)
Eingangsstatement für das Camp der Firma Raumforschung, Theatercombinat Wien

(Heterotopologie, ähem.) (9/05)
Manoa Free University - Freie Uni Mahagoni, Katalog "Utopie:Freiheit". PDF with illustration.

MY LIFE AQUATIC, postdramatisch. With Hunter S. Thompson (6/05)
publ. in Butter

Probe in Selbstregie (3/05)
Manoa Free University, for the exhibition W...WirWissen, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, publ. in Jungle World
Rehearsals in Self-Direction

AustroQuartierMuseum (1/05)
published in MALMOE

Someone from Manoa Free University has been invited to talk at Académie sans toit in Paris on the last weekend of September 2004 (9/04)
script for a performance-lecture, Académie sans toit, Paris.
Images. PDF

109 Lines Through a Raum (1/04)
for Museum of Gothenburg N.B., in collaboration w/ Philipp Haupt, Katalog "Radical Positioning", Hjärnstorm