A radio studio is a small room. Inside one or more persons are able to create immense numbers of intricatedly nested spaces. It's dark in here, or there's only dim light, hardly ever any daylight. Speaking and music, hearing and listening take the centre. Perhaps such a studio is a cave. Although this cave is mostly artificial and hi-tech and resembles a spacecraft: controls, digital displays, wirings.
A crystal defect, that's a little dislocation or irregurlaity in the structure: the normed arrangement is deranged. A performative dimension adds to the space and the periodic order will start the dancing. Then we built a time machine.


RDAIO kristall: FRAME!FREEZE!FRAME!, Karlsplatz Wien, tranzit Bratislava, 7/05

RDAIO cryosleep: Tanzquartier Wien, research lab "absent interfaces", 12/05

Gespräch im Radiostudio über die Raumausstattung Mahagoni, 10/05