This is a picture that we like very much. It was taken in Genua in July 2001, during the protests against the G8-summit. It's just at the very beginning of our project "border sounds", which would take us in the following week along the very line of the Eastern Schengen Border, from the Adriatic Sea up to the Baltic Sea tour. "border sounds" was based on the idea to map the border by audio-recording, both with soundscapes on the border and interviews with migrants, people living in the border areas and the border patrols...
Anyway, we had just arrived in Genova in the evening after Carlo Giuliani was killed, and this picture was at the main demonstration the day after. This picture is very complex, made up of different layers and full of details: first of all, we can see reflections of members of our then collective "wr" in the foreground. If you look close, you see a black binding on this upper arm refering to the killing of Giuliani. Only in the background you can see that there are actually thousands of people, that there's a big demonstration going on. And if you look REALLY close, you might also see some weird clouds in the back, in the middle of a sunny bright day. That's the loads od teargas being dropped from helicopters.
We think that this picture is a possible way of depicting of the "multitude".


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