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Dongxi – Things

Kunstverein Baden, 21.5.-4.7.2010 with Cathy Busby, Kerstin von Gabain, Chan Kok Hooi, Elaine W. Ho, Ulrike Johannsen, Johann Neumeister, Ma Yongfeng, Evelyne Leblanc–Roberge, Ralo Mayer, Shen Yi Elsie, Michael Yuen, Yam Lau; curated by Ulrike Johannsen “This is a work of art which context is unclear to the artist and the curator”, 2010

Quasi dasselbe…? Diskurse mit poetischer Funktion

26.03.2010 – 08.05.2010, Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck mit Maria Anwander, Anna Artaker, Ruben Aubrecht, Michael Kargl, Ralo Mayer, Barbara Musil & Karo Szmit, Lisa Rastl, Arnold Reinthaler, Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger Kuratiert von Birgit Rinagl & Franz Thalmair, CONT3XT.NET

exhibition at Argos, Brussels

_ “I am sitting in a ruin, different from the one you are in now, and I’m contemplating a drop in midair resembling a novel (einer billigen Linse gleich), so that now, in the midst of its far flung debris, we calmly and adventurously go traveling through Biosphere 2, list of lists, O fringework of […]

mifan – opening of exhibition in Beijing

Anni Art, Beijing, 8.-26.11.2009 works by 15 artists from Austria who lived in China, organized by ASAP

post-alternative opening

Kommentar als selber was, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien

My contribution to this group show are photos and an installation of some banners I have put up in Chengdu as an intervention in public space. The banners there were commenting on both the ubiquitious Chinese banners and on Western art commenting on China. Naturally the second part will be highlighted at Kunsthalle Exnergasse.

Preparatory Ways, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

Showing the installation  An intro is a footnote. A patchwork quilt of clay is a disrupted pattern dedicated to Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith. Und eine Parataxe ist eine in sich selbst faltende Falle.  

Banner intervention in Chengdu

  I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THIS PLACE BUT I’M GOING TO PROMOTE IT banner intervention in public space Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 21.12.2008 - 26.12.2008

Catalogue Secession

On the occasion of the exhibition Das Muster der Schatten des Spaceframe der Biosphere 2, … a catalogue has been published by the Secession.

Exhibition at Secession Vienna

Das Muster der Schatten des Spaceframe der Biosphere 2, das die Sonne am 26. September 2041 auf den Boden der Savanne projiziert, ähnelt zwischen 10:24 und 14:02 auffällig einer Penrose Parkettierung; und während ich diese Zeitrafferaufnahme der Ruine mehrmals betrachte, spiegelt sich im Monitor der Blick aus dem Fenster nach draussen. Secession, Vienna, 19.9.-9.11.2008      […]

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