Museum of Gothenburg N.B.
Presentation at Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor
mednarodni festival racunalniskih umetnosti
May 12th, 2004
text + image projection

We will talk about our project Gothenburg N.B... "The Museum of Gothenburg N.B." was our diploma installation in Vienna and here at Media Nox we are presenting a 2d-Version in the form of a diagram on the wall.
Gothenburg stands for the protests against the EU summit in 2001 and N.B. stands for New Babylon, a protosituationist project by the Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuis. Gothenburg is a paradigm for the broader social, economical and political developments of the last years and the new resistance movements. New Babylon is an example for the cluster of aesthetic and political radical movements of the 1960ies.

The following presentation will be an illustrated trip across some areas of the politics of information visualization. Like a guided tour, it will connect scattered places at different times, trying to render an overview of our research of the last 2 and a half years. Our research means, that it has been gathered by many persons, not only me or Philipp.
As a matter of fact, this will of course produce fragmentary impressions of fiction and reality - but such a multi-faceted image is the one we are working with ourselves.

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