John Moss first aired on vienna's free radio Orange 94,0 in August 1997 (which was the start of the free radio as well). For the first year or so we brought our synths, samplers and desktop-pc's twice a month to the studio in 1090 Wien. Later less equipment only every first Monday to Tuesday night. We had no specific plan about what to do soundwise (file under 'impro') and probably that's still the case. Technically speaking, we come to the radio studio sharp at midnight (or later), put in some prerecorded stuff, try to plug in the devices, have a smoke in the basement and try to start something 'live' not later than 1:30. The show is open-end. When we are clear enough to drive home again, we do that.

As for the sound, the only principle is that there shouldn't be released recordings like cd's or vinyl. Unless you are into hi-activity scratching. In the beginning it was mostly weird synth stuff, later it changed to weird notebook frickel frackel and field recordings.

John Moss is not so much about sound as it is about a social thing, that's why we try to bring guests in the studio as often as possible. Since 2001 we regularly use state-of-the-art streaming technologies to join forces with the local Joan Moss crews from Copenhagen, Malmoe and Gothenburg.

Started in our then group HRT b) it actually is the project with the longest continuity we are involved in. Still, there has been almost zero public appearence besides a monthly radioshow in the middle of the Vienna night. That we like somehow :) ... some rumours have it that there is a track by John Moss on a vinyl release by the media department of the Royal Danish Art Academy, but the Copenhagen chapter has not yet confirmed it.


...and why heck the name?
when we applied for the sendeplatz in 97, we found a ready-made signation-gingel at some trash-store.
it goes like this: chu-chu-chu-chu-JOHN MOSS

Start your own potfordist John Moss show now!
soon available: the ultimative tool for producing an 'electro-magneto-air-patrol' (emap):
the best way to do a live radio show with no effort whatsoever

 - local John Moss page from Copenhagen Chapter -
 - local John Moss page at Tool Auto Academy / Malmoe -

people and groups being involved in the socio-acoustic JoMo endeavor so far:
(immerwährende gästeliste)
if we forgot you, write to info |at| manoafreeuniversity |dot| org

HRT b)
Manoa Free University
Tool Auto Academy
The People Speak
Evamaria Trischak
Scott Arford
Michael Contreras
Thilges 3 (although we can't remember, but they say so)
DJ Pure (every year on march 22nd)
Ascan Breuer
Tina + Manuel Lamora
Tarje Gullaksen
Maren Grimm
Ben Pointecker (pointechre)
Mattias Rylander
Christian Töpfner
Olli Gemballa
Elke Auer
Christian Hessle
Annibale Picicci
Andreas Berger (glim)
Gustaf Hansson
Christina Linortner
Philipp Haupt
Benny Jørgensen (B9)
Ursula Hansbauer
Tamar Guimaraes
Christian Hillesø
Ralo Mayer
Alex Hall
Axel Volmar
Christian Jurasovich
Wolfgang Konrad
Kajsa Johansson
Clemens Stachel
Niki Passath
Eva Egermann
Lars Stiegler
Saul Albert
Mikey Weinkove

Viktor Wendin

and much more


besides on orange 94,0 the show has been on and other radios we don't remember or know.
and there's been a live-stream act at Off The Record III