Untitled (Preconstruction of “Trace of a Time Machine”
by the Yugoslavian art group Multipleks)

Toposcapes, Pavelhaus, Laafeld, 7/07


"A Multiplex time machine, that could be a kind of re-construction of an artwork of the past, which could have been designed as a time machine back then, but could have been only sketched out, never realized, an ephemeral idea.This could have happened in a historical context that could have disappeared by now, or been made disappearing and its history along it, leaving only few traces. (...) But then, if you travel back in time you could have altered the past and produce one more paradox, so maybe that first time machine could have never existed before you travelled back with its own p/reconstruction.
On the other side, and this is where we're really heading here, it will have been an artwork that will have liberated its makers for some time from the treadmills of art projects – and to me this particular production mode of art projects is nothing but a cynical picture puzzle mirroring the post-Fordist regime over time and space. Something to leave behind, in radical ways. (...) So yes, it's fucking political."

            (From Potentiality to Future Perfect: An Interview with Roni Layerson)


This poster marks the 25th and 30th experimental set-up of the research series HOW TO DO THINGS WITH WORLDS, if we count right.

Edited by Ralo Mayer and Philipp Haupt.
Illustration: Sketch for “Trace of a Time Machine” by Multipleks, based on a drawing by Martin Udovicic.

The Serbo–Croatian quote says “An artist who cannot travel in time is no artist”. The geometrical figure is a 2-dimensional projection of a 4d–cube.

Translations: daegseingcny


– a conversation between Roni Layerson and Marina Grzinic about Multipleks

– excerpt from the exhibition catalogue:pdf-katalog