Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, AiR 2-4/06

A performative research into models and miniatures,
i.e.: scrutinizing countless settings, in which people are building models to scrutinize and manipulate them. And finally one has to simplify these investigations again, focus on few elements that can depict the whole, so you can scrutinize it, like from above.
Recursivity is a main feature of models, as we know not only since Rutherford and Bohr depicted the atom als miniature solar system. And every model is a sketch: abstracted, produced, interpreted.



 – A comics sequence of the model research / a structuralist graphical novel (in cooperation w/ Martin Udovicic) - pdf

 – A miniature book with a Science Fiction story based on plot elements and characters by Philip K. Dick; a model story about the history of models. Soon available - contact.

 – A spatial setup and performance. Picture yourself in:

An empty basement, once filled out by a model train layout. Or: an unfinished film set of a basement with a model train layout. At least that's what the storyboard sketches would suggest. Or: the presentation of a story about models, itself a model story, in a modelling room, built as a model.




design / agency: Ralo Mayer
storyboard: Martin Udovicic
miniature book layout: Markus Nowak

tak til: Fa. Egger, Philipp Haupt, Hansjörg Knapp, Wolfgang Löffler, Andrei Siclodi, Clemens Stachel, Georg Stix, Esther Straganz, Claudia Tappeiner, Christian Töpfner