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exhibition at das weisse haus / Wien

„The cells were surprisingly well-preserved, but we’re analysing how useful it‘s going to be,“ Dr. Sack of Ohio State University stated. (KAGO KAGO KAGO BE) The tallest cliff in the solar system, a Nazi as humanity’s first official ambassador to Aliens, a Powerpoint presentation with faked evidence, threadworm populations of C. elegans, icicles on the […]

Oriental Cercle, Chengdu

Group exhibition of the residency program for Austrian artists / bmukk Opening 12.11.2012 SWJTU Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

Why do we see the photo of the whole Earth so often (that we don’t even see it anymore)?

video installation and lecture at Kühllabor, Regionale 12, Steiermark 24. June – 21. July 2012, Festivalzentrum Krakauebene with Laura Bruce, Nin Brudermann, Peter Fend, Christoph Keller, Florian Hüttner & Ralf Weißleder, Ralo Mayer, Eva Meyer-Keller & Sybille Müller, Josh Müller, Nils Norman, Andrea Polli, Klaus Schafler, Weather Permitting

Kunsthaus Baselland

Obviously a major malfunction / KAGO KAGO KAGO BE (Woran glauben die Motten, wenn sie zu den Lichtern streben) 28.1.-18.3.2012 Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel


Taking part in this group show at the re-opened 21er Haus in Vienna. Utopie Gesamtkunstwerk 20.1.-20.5. 2012 21er Haus, Wien

new catalogue publication

In connection with my exhibition at Lentos (and the upcoming show at Kunsthaus Baselland) a catalogue has been published at the Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg (although we have never been modern, for sure).

exhibition at Lentos, Linz

Obviously a major malfunction / KAGO KAGO KAGO BE (Woran glauben die Motten, wenn sie zu den Lichtern streben) Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz 12.8.-23.10.2011

group show at NGBK, Berlin

Other Possible Worlds Proposals on this Side of Utopia 30 April – 13 June 2011, NGBK, Berlin

Den Meteoriten die Würde zurückgeben

My participation for the the exhibition and auction project “Hard to Sell, Good to Have” is concerned with meteorites and called Den Meteoriten die Würde zurückgeben. Meteorites are the oldest material in the solar system. Today they can be bought on eBay for 2 euros.

A text is a list of effects of being exposed to the vacuum of outer space und eine Parataxe ist eine in sich selbst faltende Falle

multiplex fiction: Krõõt Juurak & Ralo Mayer at performIQ Festival Innsbruck 1.7.2010, 20h, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

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