MOTHERFUCKERS BETTER REALIZE, NOW IS THE THE TIME TO CONWWWUALIZE. daegseingcny works a lot at Manoa Free University and Manoa Free University works a lot at yncgniesgead. Not so far away is then the Copenhagen Free University, which is simply great. Free Universities and the like are usually great places. And all of them are quite different. (See the MFU-Links.) Art education mostly pretty much sucks. Educate yourself. But some classes do a better job, for instance at the post-conceptual practices. Olof and Daniel use Esperanto as a general principle of design at La Loko. And if you happen to know Spanish, you got to know El Bueno De Cuttlas. Y si no intiendes Español, you'll learn it in order to read Cuttlas, like me. So few for now, better take a walk anyway. Because many great people around don't need this kind of representation.

PS. Two bots on Mars.